Work on your day off! Play as Penelope, a fast-food employee, as she helps a wide variety of customers! Is making a burger the same as making a good burger? Find out!

The only control is moving the mouse and left-click.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(155 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Cozy, Cute, Food, Multiple Endings, Physics, Pixel Art, Short, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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(3 edits)

EDIT: I was scrolling the comments and the 3rd ending is the neutral ending aka do 50/50 on all your tasks.

where are the customers mine arent loading in


why did i got bad ending? i did everthing good? 


Absolutely AMAZING


I swear, these burgers act like buttered toast, always flipping onto their already-grilled side no matter what

fr tho

Love this game. The art is great and it's very relaxing. Had to buy the soundtrack because the music was so great.


lovely game! got the good end first try.. wonder if there's anything deeper to the double cheeseburger medium fries girl?

me too man, maybe a game theory?



chez borgir

(1 edit)

i got bad ending and i wasnt trying i wanted to be good


i took a shit in a mcdonalds sink


how was it

mid tbh

(1 edit) (+1)

sad maybe take a dump at a wendys next time

pth ha ha

you are the best man, thanks for teaching us the ways of BEANOSSSS


Amazing, quality game!! Highly recommend!


yoooo, how many peoples make this? one? nice


Love This Game!


i'm neutral ending and don't know how to get other endings

make better burger

or worse things to get bad end.


I love the game.


Bad End woohoo! In my opinion, best played via touchscreen, you can really feel the pain of being employed.


what are the other endings?

good, bad and neutral i think

what do all the endings have

different dialogues


Cool and fun game. Nice story.

Oh, nice video Quagmire, didn't know you became a youtuber.


Love this, great job!


gorgeous food physics !!!

got the neutral end, not sure how to get the others, but i love the quiet vibes of the game :D


to get the bad ending be slopp

you get the good end by being fast/not dropping patties :))


uhh uh yeah cries


This is incredible! Thank you so much for playing and enjoying the game!!


np! its really an amazing game 

(4 edits) (+3)

i got the bad ending sadly

edit: i got neutral now
edit 2: i got good ending now, pretty tired

really enjoyable game that somehow made me like being a fast food employee even though the boss sucks. got the neutral ending.


Awesome game, love the subtle details. Played for hours. 


The life of a McDonald's worker lol

what do you mean bad end I did every order perfectly

d*** shaped ice cream, physically impossible burgers... the 50-odd patties on the floor... S-tier work 



pretty much chill. idk about the other endings and how to get them, i only got the neutral one


I wonder what you have to do to get the other endings

what ending the you get

neutral ending and none other

i got the bad end

you get the bad ending because you did things more then once 


Adorable art! Enjoyed the game hehe


i love this! such a simple and cute game! ❤


so so cut


The physics of the fries 😍


Cute game!


pov: you get to weird to play the game probably you littery make the deluxe double cheese burger a tower



this is nice


good game


i love it!!!!!! its soo cute!


my fav thing about this game is that anime girls with brightly colored wacky hair and animal ears just. exist. and chill. its great i love it


Greetings Josh. I just wanted to say that this is a clever game idea and reminded me of actually working in fast food in the coziest way possible. I wrote about it on my blog a bit ago and I thought I'd just share it with you. Best wishes:

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